Goal setting can be a motivating experience, or a daunting one, depending on how to create your goals.

You get to choose, do you want to enjoy the experience of going after your goals or grind through it day to day. If you are sane, you’re likely on the first of these two options, we call this joyfully achieving.

It’s important to understand that it’s part of human nature to have a desire to achieve and actualize our potential, to be the best versions of ourselves. So striving to achieve is good, it’s healthy, it’s what Steven Pressfield, author of Turning Pro, describes as the difference between an amateur and a pro. So, when we’re talking about Joyfully Achieving don’t get confused, we are still striving, we are still setting our sights on those big hairy audacious goals, and at the same time, we are being mindful about the way we are going about achieving those goals. You can angrily achieve or joyfully achieve. Which one sounds more attractive to you?

There are five key steps to follow when creating goals that will support you in joyfully achieving those big important goals of yours.

So, let’s walk through the 5 key components to joyfully achieving.

1. Values Driven Goals

If you want to joyfully achieve you first need to make sure that you have the kind of goals that will allow you to do this. There is a distinction between two kinds of goals: end goals and values-driven goals. End goals are outcome-based goals. They are created with the end in mind and are about obtaining something extrinsic. Values-Driven Goals are a whole other breed of goals.

These goals are reverse engineered from our values and are rooted in the things that matter most to us. This is a huge and important distinction. These are goals that are created from a place of what matters to us most vs. goals that are created from what we want to externally achieve.

When we have values-driven goals the process of achieving our goal is deeply meaningful in and of itself. We are bringing the things that matter to us most more fully into existence so like end goals we still get to achieve kick ass outcomes in our lives, the difference, they don’t make us miserable in the process of achieving them.

2. GROW – goal, reality, options & obstacles, way forward

The second component to setting goals that you can joyfully achieve is putting your values-driven goals through the GROW test.

The GROW test is supported by the science of goal setting which unequivocally states, the goals that make it are the ones that are put up against the current reality and the challenging path to achieving them isn’t sugar-coated. Instead, all obstacles that will and may come up along the way are identified and planned for and all possible options for achieving the goal have been laid out.

By creating a variety of pathways to a goal, you create hope and optimism that you can get what you really want even if the first attempt doesn’t work out, you know that there is another way. Once you have decided on your way forward the next component of joyfully achieving is a mindset shift. We need to commit to Turning Pro as Steven Pressfield would say.

3. Commit to being a Pro

“When we turn pro we find out power. We find our will and our voice and we find our self-respect. We become who we always were but had until then, been afraid to embrace it and live it out.”

There is a major difference between the armature and the pro. The amateur is the weekend warrior, the dabbler, the hobbyist. There is nothing inherently wrong with being the amateur on some things, but with the things that matter to you most, you must be a pro.

A pro operates and thinks like an absolute professional. They devote their life force and passion towards the thing they care about most. They don’t take a day off, complain, or even see this as work. They are energized and empowered by being the pro and wouldn’t have it any other way.

4. Create Pro Habits & Masterpiece Days

If you are committed to being a Pro you need to have pro like habits.

If we are what we repeatedly do, then habits are who we are. How are your habits? Are they moving you towards your goals or further away from them?

Think about what habits you can implement on a daily basis that would allow you to create masterpiece days that would move you towards your goals. This is important because these masterpiece days will turn into your masterpiece life.

5. Find Contentment in the Present

The fifth key component to joyfully achieving goal setting is by far one of the most important, is in order to joyfully achieve you must find contentment in the present while being pulled forward by these inspiring goals for your future.

Having gratitude for exactly where you are at is the only way that you will be able to live in the best of both worlds and both achieve and be joyful.

There are no secrets to effective Goal Setting

Just this five step process to create goals that you can joyfully achieve:

  1. Create Values-Driven Goals
  2. Put Your Values-Driven Goal through the Grow Test
  3. Commit to Being Pro
  4. Create Pro Habits and Masterpiece Days
  5. Find Contentment in the Present

If you are ready are you can download the Goal Setting Blueprint to kick start your goal setting journey.

And, if you really serious about the goals you are going after set up 30 minute no charge goal design coaching session with one of our coaches so you can have the support of a certified coach in your corner every step of the way.

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