Qualities Of A Good Leader

As a coach, one of the things I love to do is identify patterns. And one pattern that I’ve identified is high performers want to know where they can grow, how they can get better and what’s going to take them to the next level. This is what makes them great. They are always looking to grow and maximize that last 10%.

One of the key qualities of a good leader is looking at growth from a place of leveraging strengths, as opposed to, developing weaknesses.

At first, most high performers have an aversion to this idea; we have been conditioned for the most part to look at our weaknesses and develop that, to be a well-rounded individual. Unfortunately, that strategy produces a whole lot of average.

The Yerkes-Dodson law explains that doing work that aligns with strengths increases our mental arousal rate. In addition, eustress, or good stress, helps you raise your performance level. Yerkes-Dodson law finds that when we reach a certain point of stress or mental arousal work feels like it flows. We lose our sense of time. Our thinking is at its best and this optimal state of high performance is born out of our strengths.

When we focus on developing our areas of strength, the areas that we are naturally energized by, we start with a leg up. We are motivated and energized by the work, and that will take us from good to great, which is why it is a vital quality of a good leader.

A great example is Wayne Gretzky; if he focused his training time and energy on becoming a great defenceman, he would have diverted that precious energy away from becoming masterful at scoring goals. To really become masterful at something, you have to be able to identify where you have skill and then say no to other distractions.

However, If you have a weakness that is getting in the way of your success then, by all means, work on it.

For example, you may not be highly energized by the numbers side of your business, but if this is an area of weakness for you to the point that you have no idea what is going on with your financials, grow your skill in that area, because that will come back to bite you. The key to this mindset shift is you don’t have to become your accountant. Hire someone to do that work for you so that you can lean into the areas you are stronger at and get energized from.

Each and everyone one of us has a character strengths profile; there is a great and free online assessment through the VIA Character strengths Institute that can help you discover your character strength profile.

Whether it’s through the support of an assessment like this one, coaching, feedback, personal reflection whatever, you need to first get intimately connected to the areas in which you shine.

Once you have a sense for what your strengths are, look to create daily opportunities to work within your strengths zones, because, like muscles, the more you work them out, the stronger they get.

Own your greatness

Your strength combo is like no one else’s. This is what makes you great. This is your brand of superhero. Name it and claim it. There is no room here for being shy.

Leveraging your strengths is one part of the Whole Life Leadership Blueprint. To download your free copy click the link below. This blueprint will be your guide to showing up as a powerful leader in every area of your life so that you can bring those big dreams of yours to life.

Qualities Of A Good Leader

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