What My Break From Social Media Taught Me

It was an intentional 18 day break from social media over the Christmas holidays for me. I was curious to see… what would come up?

I’d never cut myself off from social before and I had no idea what kind of relationship we truly had with one another. Was it healthy? Would I go through withdrawals? Who knew?

All I knew was that I wanted to practice presence over the holidays and this was one way I knew I could impact that.

The holidays have come and gone and here’s what I’ve learned:

It was really nice to just be in the moment.

I have so many magic memories captured on my phone, and they…. are just mine. I had a moment that made me smile while walking on the beach in Mexico one morning. The sun was rising behind me, I was on my own with my coffee in hand, and I took a selfie. A goofy smile, just out of bed, definitely not Insta worthy, but I smiled, snapped, and saved that memory. That made me happy. No need to think of a caption or post to go along with it, it was just mine.

Social is a great tool.

One definition of a tool is a device or implement used to carry out a particular function. Social can be great if used in this way, to carry out a particular function. Say things like, staying connected, learning, sharing ideas, inspiring, being inspired. Just like any tool how you use it is key. I know when I let the tool use me (ie: suck me into scrolling in my bed in the am) I’m not using the tool, the tool is using me. Note to self: don’t become the tool.

It’s all about being intentional

Why do I engage on social? This was a big question I reflected on. What I came to was that social can be a great value add to both my business and life. It helps me stay connected, learn, get inspired, and share about what is inspiring me.

Being intentional about what content gets let in and what content I engage with is a big one. My brain is a sacred place and I’m committed to having only high vibe quality content going in there. Being mindful about how content is making me feel and being intentional about inspiration, connection, and learning being my “why” is my new filter.

Self Management

The best thing that came out of my time away from social was that it exposed some of the rules I needed to put into place to make my relationship with social a win/win.

These Are My Six Social Commandments:

  1. Only keep the Insta app on my phone
  2. Never check social before 9am
  3. Saturday’s are my sabbath and completely tech free
  4. Be intentional about my engagement. More meaningful connections
  5. No mindless scrolling
  6. Only share content I’m inspired to share

Overall my little experiment turned out quite well. Simple changes with big impact.

What are some of the ground rules you have in place when it comes to your relationship with social?

PS: Here are a few of the magic moments I got to be fully present for over the holidays!

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