Leader Lesson: How To Own Your Time

Have you ever caught yourself saying something like, “I don’t know where the time has gone”? If not that, something along those lines? Most people have some kind of complaint around their relationship with time.

If you were to look what’s yours?

The reality is time is the only non-renewable resource we have. Yet it’s often treated like something we have an infinite supply of. Many people let time slip through their fingers giving away their time to people and things that don’t really matter.

When we treat time like something we don’t have control over we give away our power to the most precious thing we have.

It is important to understand that you have control over your time, you can own your time you just need to be intentional about it.

So how do you do this? Watch the video or keep reading.

The most effective tool I have for this is values alignment. Getting crystal clear around the things that matter to you most and prioritizing those things over everything else.

When I look at many of my clients’ calendars who are struggling with owning their time what I often see is other people’s priorities for them in there: meetings, pickups, drop-offs, errands.

The things that matter to them most like maybe their wellness, creative space, meaningful connections get the leftovers.  

What would change for you if you began owning your time by prioritizing the things that mattered to you most first? What progress could you make, how would you feel? My guess is that you would begin to thrive.

So here is your practice. Start owning your time by:

  1. Getting crystal clear on the things that matter to you most, your values. These are the things where you are going to invest your time, energy + resources into.
  2. Then identify if you are saying a big yes to these things that you should say no to.

This is often the hard part for people. But this is what great leadership is all about. Having the ability to focus and have an impact on the things that matter and filtering out the rest of the noise.

If you need help identifying your values, I’ve got you. Head on over to my website www.kristinconstable.com and dig into the Free Values Discovery Exercise there.

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