Coach Approach to Leadership

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Coach Approach To Leadership

In this 6 month coach training program for leaders, participants will take an in-depth look at what it means to lead and inspire performance through a coach approach.

Leaders will learn:

  • How to be with and connect with others
  • How to inspire rather than drive performance
  • How to create a team full of leaders around them
  • How to create a culture of  feedback and accountability


Month 1: Introduction To Coaching Part 1

Month 2: Introduction To Coaching Part 

Month 3: Coaching Using Emergenetics™

Month 4: Coaching and Managing Self

Month 5: Leadership Legacy

Month 6: Creating A Coaching Culture

MONTH 1: Introduction To Coaching

MONTH 2: Introduction To Coaching Part 2

MONTH 3: Coaching Using Emergenetics™

  • Understands what coaching is and what it is not
  • Can demonstrate an understanding and application of the core coaching skills 
  • Can leverage the Emergenetics™ model in coaching moments and conversations
  • Understands why the coach approach works and when to leverage it for the best results
  • Can effectively take a coach approach to feedback
  • Is aware of personal preferences and biases as a coach
  • Introduction to the Excelerator™ Coaching Model
  • Can effectively take a coach approach to goal setting and personal growth plans
  • Is able to adapt coaching style based on the preferences of the person being coached
  • Can apply the coaching skills and tools from the model in coaching conversations
  • Can effectively take a coach approach to coaching moments and conversations
  • Can leverage the Personal Growth Plan tool in the development of their people

MONTH 4: Coaching and Managing Self

MONTH 5: Leadership Legacy

MONTH 6: Creating A Coaching Culture

  • Has clarity and connection to personal values
  • Has begun to exploring their unique leadership legacy
  • Demonstrates coaching competency
  • Is able to effectively allocate their time and energy resources
  • Is connected to and can leverage their signature presence to show up authentically as a coach and leader
  • Co-create next steps for the coaching culture
  • Is able to work through triggers in order to respond vs. react
  • Can effectively have impactful coaching moments as well as conversations
  • Create an actionable one year coaching culture plan for the organization
  • Is able to use the coaching tools to coach themselves
  • Has a personal growth plan in place to continue the coach approach to leadership development journey
  • Celebration and Graduation