Find Your Flow With Emergenetics™


Drawing upon neuroscience, Emergenetics is the modern day psychometric assessment. This easy to understand tool makes distinctions around thinking and behavioural preferences, and gives individuals a language to use around describing what gives and drains them of energy.

This workshop takes a strengths-based approach by encouraging individuals to work through their strengths to improve their gaps. It also gives them an understanding and appreciation for other people’s thinking and behavioural preferences.




  • Understand how your behavioural attributes affect others’ perception of your thinking
  • Learn your thinking attributes and how to change your approach to work more effectively with others
  • Know your strengths and how to improve
  • Understand how your attributes influence your leadership style
  • Learn how cognitive and behavioural diversity improve collaboration, teamwork and results
  • Identify reasons why team members may not seem engaged in the organization or work
  • Introductions Origins of the Emergenetics Model
  • Overview and Application for Behavioural Attributes 
  • Overview and Application for Thinking Attributes
  • Scoring & Profile Tour
  • Behavioural Attributes Integration Exercise
  • Thinking Attributes Integration Exercise
  • Business Application Integration Exercise
  • Understanding the Value Cognitive and Behavioural Diversity 
  • Strategies to Improve Personal Effectiveness
  • Summary Exercise Reflections
  • Understand the basic Emergenetics model and the science behind it
  • Grasp a better understanding of yourself and others
  • Understand the dynamics of your team to improve team results
  • Articulate helpful and effective ways of expressing differences
  • Receive tools that will enable more effective communication amongst teams