Kristin Constable

Kristin Constable Business and Whole Life Coach

Kristin Constable is the Founder of The Winning Academy and is a PCC, Internationally Certified, Leadership Coach and Strategist. 

Kristin works with leaders and organizations to bring values- driven, whole life, leadership into their lives and into the companies they work in. 

She has been coaching and in the field or learning and development for over a decade and in this time has supported organizations build award winning coaching and leadership cultures that not only support the strength of the organizations but that support the growth and development of each individual within the organization.

Kristin's purpose is to activate whole life leaders who create ripple effects in the businesses they work in and in the world. She believes that when leaders are connected to, and operating from, their authentic leadership purpose their impact will transform not only their organizations but all areas of their lives, producing whole life wins.

Kristin's Coaching Expertise Includes:

  • Values Driven Business Coaching 
  • Whole Life Leadership Coaching 
  • Team Coaching for Founders + Their Teams
  • Certified Whole Life Leadership™ Coach

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Melissa Cupa

Kristin did a fantastic job at setting the groundwork and facilitating our executive leadership retreat.

I appreciated her ability to crystallize the material that surfaced allowing all team members to leave the retreat with a clear vision of what we as an organization need to accomplish. 

Kristin's in the moment leadership coaching and ability to engage and steer the group in the right direction was impressive even in the face of difficult topics and/or concepts.

Melissa Cupa - 
Director of HR, Kindred Construction

Caroline Smart

Team coaching with Kristin has been instrumental in elevating our teams performance. 

Her authenticity, listening skills, and ability to capture our thoughts through team and leadership coaching assisted us to get beyond the barriers that were holding us back.

Caroline Smart - 
Director, JOEY Restaurant Group

Dede Monette

Kristin is a genuine woman that is excellent at what she does. She delivers her material in a simple, concise and interactive way.

During the course, Kristin was able to empower me to look within myself in defining my Core Values and to integrate those core values within all areas of my life.

Dede Monette - 
Founder, Tofino Yoga