Whole Life Leadership Coaching

Is Whole Life Leadership Coaching for you?

If you are a leader who is serious about elevating your impact and influence in every area of your life + know that going at it alone isn’t the best way, then yes, Whole Life Leadership coaching could be for you.

These one on one coaching programs are fully customized to meet you where you are at and help you identify up to three development areas that would support you in stepping into your power as a leader.

You and your coach will work together to co-create your coaching program + goals to give you the exact support that you need at this time, then you will get to work.

You will start by getting really clear on your values. These are fundamentally crucial to the process because they allow you to focus and create space for the things that matter to you most.

Then you will systematically explore and answer three key questions:

  • What do you want? No like… really want.
  • Who do you need to be to get what you really want?
  • What do you need to do?

From here you and your coach will get to work.


  • 60 minute Discovery Coaching session
  • Personalized Coaching Plan
  • Whole Life Leadership workbook
  • 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions over 12 weeks
  • Unlimited email access to your coach during the duration of your program
  • An experienced and ICF certified coach in your corner championing you every step of the way


  • Values Discovery
  • Benchmarking Exercises
  • Leadership assessment
  • Informal Leadership 360 process
  • Integration practices in-between each session
  • Personally curated toolkit of exercises and practices


These three month programs are by application only to ensure it is a perfect fit.

Book your complimentary goal design + strategy coaching session to take the next step.

This was a hands on coaching program. I was enabled with effective tools I can use in my day to day while keeping my development plan in sight; which was carefully designed based on my values and aspirations. In my new role, I had a boost of confidence which I derived from my conversations with Kristin.

Fadi Saad, Director Of Regional Sales

Fadi Saad