Team Legacy Manager Training Program Online


The Team Legacy manager training program is a bootcamp style program designed to support leaders in working through one of the biggest challenges in leadership development: making the jump from individual contributor to an effective leader of others.

In these best practice packed 2 hour sessions we use a coach approach to leadership development to provide managers with the skills they need to be impactful people developers in their roles. After each module participants are set up in an ally network with 3-4 people to support in the immediate integration of the concepts and tools shared in the session.

This program leverages the modern day  psychometric, Emergenetics™, for individual and team awareness, and to drive home the importance of cognitive diversity.  

The Results: managers who are equipped to get results through others and develop a pipeline of top talent around them. 


  • Month 1: Taking A Coach Approach
  • Month 2: Leveraging Strengths To Create Results
  • Month 3: Inspiring Performance
  • Month 4: Leading Change
  • Month 5: Strategic Thinking
  • Month 6: One Year Strategic Plans

month 1

month 4

  • Taking A Coach Approach
  • Leading Change

month 2

month 5

  • Leveraging Strengths To Create Results
  • Strategic Thinking

month 3

month 6

  • Inspiring Performance
  • One Year Strategic Plans


  • Customization available for your organization
  • Zoom video conference calls 
  • Programs guided and fully supported by a certified leadership coach
  • Peer support groups and integration practices in between sessions 
  • One year Strategic Business Plan takeaway 
  • Personal Leadership Growth Plan takeaway
  • Lifetime access to course resources through the Winning Academy online course platform
  • Additional one on one coaching available as an add on